Jourdan and Matt

Signage: Kendall Custom Creations

Kendall Custom Creations provided a wide range of different signs, from vinyl printing to wood cutouts and engravings. These beautiful wooden signs were not at all affected by the rainy weather, will not topple over at the slightest gust of wind like printed foam board, and the finished wood will last for many years as great mementos to hang in your home.

Venue: Abram Farm

Located in Spencer, IN, Abram Farm is only a short 15-minute drive off of I-69. It’s close enough to Bloomington to make traveling easy for family, and it’s just far enough away from the busy city to provide a private, quiet, and secluded spot for weddings. For the bride and groom and their guests, it features a large air conditioned barn with a generous loft and bride/groom suite on each side to get ready separately, dance floor/band area, a large, clean kitchen, paved parking, clean indoor restrooms (real restrooms; not outdoor/portable ones), and both covered and uncovered areas for the ceremony. For the photographer, there are endless photo opportunities, such as the multiple acres of bright yellow butterweed, a large pond complete with geese and cute goslings, whiskey barrels, lots of windows, a classic truck, a bridge, large trees, and plenty of stars after sunset. You’ll only be limited by your creativity and imagination. The owner, Suzie, is extremely friendly and accommodating, and she was happy to help with anything we needed (which was very little since everything was so well taken care of and prepared).


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